Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dietary Change

This week's Angel message comes from the Fairies ~ Dietary Change.

Improve your diet and your life will also improve.

You drew this card because of your requests for help with your life's purpose and in awakening your spiritual gift of clairvoyance.  The fairies say that your body's metabolism is extremely sensitive.  They've been guiding you to switch to a healthier diet, but you may not have heard or trusted this message.  So the fairies now bring you this card to validate that you're hearing them correctly.  As you improve your diet, so do you heal other areas of your life.

Additional Meanings

♥ Consult with a nutritionist.
♥ Go on a detox cleanse.
♥ Stop drinking alcohol or using other drugs.
♥ Reduce or eliminate chemicals and processed foods from your diet.
♥ Eat a more vegetarian diet.
♥ Quit smoking.
♥ Stay away from household or industrial chemicals.

The image used is taken from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Love Life

This week's Angel message is from the fairies ~ Love Life.

The basis of your question involves your romantic life, which is now changing for the better.

You've drawn this card because your love life is somehow involved in the question that you've asked, and the fairies can help you understand this connection if it's not immediately apparent to you.  This card signifies that a change for the better is in the works for your love life.

Additional Meanings

♥ Love your life as a way to bring healing energy to this situation.
♥ A new love proves to be an important person in your life.
♥ You're ready to meet your soul mate.
♥ A breakup is imminent or has just occurred.
♥ You'd like to get married.
♥ Communicate with your partner about a topic that's bothering you right now.
♥ Ask the fairies to help you connect with your soul mate.

The image used is taken from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


This week's Angel message comes from Archangel Haniel. It is ~ Sensitivity.

Archangel Haniel: "You are extra-sensitive to energies and emotions right now. Honour yourself and your feelings."

"Sensitivity is a beautiful and powerful gift, and there's no such thing as being 'too sensitive'. Your sensitivity helps you know the truth about situations and people, and it's important for you to trust and follow these hunches, intuitions, and impressions. Spend some time alone in nature to further develop your sensitivity. Avoid harsh situations and chemicals. At home or at work, ask me to help you choose life-affirming foods, beverages, companions, and activities. Know that it's safe for you to feel deep emotions, as they're part of your sensitivity. Visualise the two of us sealed in beautiful bluish-white light. This light dissolves any lower energies, transmuting them into love. The light also helps you distinguish between your own feelings and those of other people."

Working with Archangel Haniel: Haniel helps us honour our natural cycles, moods, and rhythms. She assists us in embracing all aspects of ourselves, including our strengths, setbacks, and shadows. Call upon her if you ever feel unsure, or bad about yourself. Haniel will help you appreciate yourself and see how beautiful you are right now.

The image used for Archangel Haniel is taken from the Archangel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


This week's message is from the realm of Unicorns. It is ~ Creative.

Draw, paint, think, and act in creative ways.

You're a creative person, which means that you like to express your thoughts and feelings in artistic ways. It doesn't matter whether your artwork is "perfect". What matters is that you express yourself creatively.

This card asks you to spend more time being creative. That means doing something artistic, such as painting, drawing, singing, dancing, dressing in costume, writing a story, or taking photos. When you do something creative, you'll feel free and happy.

Creativity also helps you see the world in new ways. You notice amazing new details in everyday life and see colours that you never noticed before. Creativity also sparks new ways of doing things, which also positively affects work and play.

Doing things in the same way every time puts you into a "rut". Ruts are major causes of stress, and stress can lead to sad or tired feelings. The best way to get out of a rut is by doing something creative. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do it with a creative flair.

The beautiful unicorn image used is taken from the reverse side of the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.