Wednesday, 29 February 2012

You Are a Powerful Lightworker

This week our Angel message comes through very strongly.  It is ~ "You Are a Powerful Lightworker".

It is safe for you to be powerful.  Your spiritual power brings great blessings in loving service to the Divine.

This card comes to you because the angels want to help you feel comfortable with your spiritual power.  You are extremely powerful because you (like everyone else) were made in the image and likeness of your powerful Creator.  Divine power flows through you when you hold the intention to conduct a healing or give a reading.

It is safe for you to feel and channel this power, as it is not a personal or ego-driven force.  When you intend to use Divine power in the service of love, you experience harmony in all of your activities.  The more comfortable you are with your spiritual power, the more steadily and evenly it flows through you.

Action Steps:  Tightness in your stomach muscles means that you're experiencing a power struggle:  You either feel that someone is trying to control you or you're confused about how to use your power.  The next time you notice this tightening sensation, say "Archangel Michael, please help me step into my Divine power with grace and gratitude."

Notice your stomach muscles relaxing in response to this invocation, as well as the situation easing into a win-win solution.

The words used are from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hello from Heaven

This week our Angel message comes from Archangel Azrael ~ "Hello from Heaven".

Archangel Azrael:  "Your loved ones in Heaven are doing fine.  Let go of worries, and feel their loving blessings."

"Your loved ones aren't far away; in fact, they're quite near.  In your quiet moments, you can feel their presence.  These really are true visitations, and I ask you to trust your intuition.  You may notice dream visits from deceased loved ones.  Know that your loved ones are happy, free of all suffering, and want the same for you.  Your loved ones want to work with your guardian angels to help you be peaceful, so watch for other signs from Heaven."

Working with Archangel Azrael:  Azrael is known as "The Angel of Death", since his primary role is to help people cross over to Heaven at the time of their physical death.  Far from being a morbid role, Azrael surrounds the newly crossed-over soul with loving light to make the experience uplifting and comforting.  Azrael helps deceased loved ones make contact with their living family members and friends.  You can ask Azrael to bring you a message or dream visitation from your loved ones in Heaven.

The words used are taken from the Archangel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Definitely Yes

This week our message comes from the realm of Magical Unicorns.  It is ~ "Definitely Yes".

The answer to your question is a strong "Yes!"

What you're asking about will definitely happen, provided that you keep your thoughts positive.  You can bring about your desires more quickly by paying attention to thoughts, feelings, words, or visions that repeat themselves to you.  When this inner guidance asks you to take positive action, it's important for you to do so.  For instance, if you have strong feelings to call a certain person, then make that call.  Your angels will always guide you to take actions that have positive and healthy effects on you and others.

This card asks you to set aside doubts or worries, and to feel secure that everything is positive.  Your desires are going to happen, and probably in better-than-expected ways.  Imagine that your dream has already come true, using your inner vision and your feelings as you do.  You just need to stay filled with faith and hope, and take action when you're guided.

The words used are from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Work Your Magic

Ascended Master, Saint-Germain, tells us to ~ "Work Your Magic", in our Angel Card message this week.

You have the power to resolve the situation you're inquiring about.  This card signifies your untapped magical abilities, which you've used successfully in the past.  Pull these abilities out of storage and use them to work your magic now.  Your clear and focused intentions, positive expectation, prayers, decrees, and action steps all create the headings and manifestations you desire.

Additional Meanings:

♥ Decide clearly what you will and won't accept in this situation, as your clarity will bring immediate results.
♥ Have steady faith in a positive outcome.
♥ Study alchemy and manifestation principles.


Saint-Germain isn't a Catholic saint, but a count from the French region called Saint-Germain.  He was known as The Wonderman of Europe during his lifetime in the early 1700's.  Saint-Germain was renowned for his magical abilities to give gems and fountain-of-youth-like elixirs to his many friends.  He was a virtuoso musician and linguist who was beloved by royalty and blue-collar workers alike.  Saint-Germain helps light workers who wish to work toward world peace and bring about integrity and honesty in governmental and other systems.

The words used are from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Watch Your Thoughts

Our message this week is ~ "Watch Your Thoughts".

"It's important to only think about what you desire, not what you fear."

By drawing this card, you're alerted to the extra importance of monitoring your thoughts.  You have no neutral thoughts, and every one of them creates an effect in your life.  So you're being asked to be vigilant in holding only positive thoughts.

Most of us slip into negativity occasionally, and you may be no exception.  However, you can "undo" the effects of negative thinking by recognising them and stating:  "I now cancel that thought, and replace it with the following positive affirmation of my true Divine desires."  Then list the situations and attributes that mirror your godliness and goddessliness.  During this important part of your life, you have the power to manifest your highest potential at the most rapid rate possible.

The words used are taken from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,