Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Detach From the Situation

This week's Angel Message comes from Archangel Michael ~ "Detach from the Situation".

You've become embroiled in a situation to the point where you can't see it objectively.  This card indicates that it's time to step back and obtain a bigger view of the picture.  Archangel Michael asks you to detach from the surrounding emotions, and he'll help you do so.  Michael will also guide you in depersonalising the experience so you don't take offense at others' behaviour.  This will prevent you from reacting defensively - instead, your actions will stem from love and wisdom.

Give yourself permission to take a time-out, away from the people involved.  You don't need to know the solution right now, as the angels are taking care of the details.  What's important for you is to access a sense of inner peace - a feeling that will lead to new and helpful insights.

Possible specific meanings:
♥ Don't take on other people's arguments - let them work things out for themselves.
♥ Be compassionate without carrying someone else's burden.
♥ Ask Archangel Michael to clear your energy.
♥ It's time to leave an unhealthy situation or relationship.

Archangel Michael, I ask you to use your flaming sword to cut any attachment to fear or drama so that I may be centred in the knowingness that peace is everywhere within me and this situation.

The image used is taken from the Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Spread Your Wings!

This week's Angel message comes from Archangel Ariel.  It is "Spread Your Wings!"

Archangel Ariel:  "Do not hold back right now.  The timing is perfect, and you are ready to soar!" 

"Although you may feel intimidated by the prospect of change, and by the thought of moving past your comfort zone, you're ready to fly high.  Welcome new opportunities, and know that it's safe to follow your heart and dreams.  Keep your focus upon love, service, and spirit, and avoid nay-sayers or skeptics.  Remember that you inspire others with your story of turning challenges into victories."

Working with Archangel Ariel:  Ariel loves all living beings, and gladly helps them all.  She's a master manifestor, and she's especially supportive of people who are healers, teachers, and service workers.  She's very partial to the environmental area, and she works closely with the nature angels to protect and heal animals - particularly the birds, animals, and fish who live near or in the water.  One way to work with Ariel is to participate in environmental work, including picking up trash near a lake, stream, or ocean; donating time or money to an environmental cause; or switching to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

The image used for Archangel Ariel is taken from the Archangel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


This week's Angel message comes from Teresa.

"Time-out!  You've been so busy taking care of everyone else's needs, but now it's time to stop and take care of yourself."

Additional Message:  "Dear one, you've been working very hard!  You're very tired now, yet you keep pushing yourself to work more, more, more!  I am here to firmly and lovingly take your hand, and tell you to 'Stop!'  Cease working for a moment and take a respite.  You have certainly earned it, and you will be more efficient and productive after taking this rest.

You give so much to others that at times like this you become unbalanced.  Your inner child yearns for nurturing, and no one is going to give you that loving care but yourself and the angels.  So, give yourself permission to take a much-needed time-out.  Take a nap, or go play for a while.  Please don't delay this guidance.  We assure you that your responsibilities will all be met, and you will gather new energy and ideas during your time-out.  We will also bring you additional Earthly help, and assist you in delegating work."

The image used for "Teresa" is taken from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


This week's message comes from an Animal Spirit Guide, Salmon ~ Determination.

"You know where you are going and YOU WILL GET THERE."

Sometimes it seems easier to just give up in the face of adversity, especially when the struggles you face feel overwhelming and insurmountable.  Yet these trials and tribulations are all part of your spiritual path, and are necessary to make you stronger and more capable at dealing with life's unpredictability.  The ordeal you're faced with now is not necessarily a light one; and to succeed, it will take a clear intention, a commitment to purpose, and a willingness to stay with it until you've reached a calmer part of the river.

Even if you're not sure of your purpose or why you're faced with these challenges, follow your path in absolute faith, and the reasons will reveal themselves within the process of your journey.  Sometimes your actual goal isn't apparent, even when the direction you must go is.  You must trust that your direction is being inspired by the deepest sense of your innate knowing, align your intention with Spirit's intent, and let nothing stop you from moving ahead.

Additional Associations

♥ Purpose ♥ Sacrifice ♥ Regeneration ♥ Endurance

The image used is from the Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Workshops and Seminars

This week's Angel message is ~ Workshops and Seminars.

Attending and giving speeches is part of your spiritual path and purpose.  Be open to teaching and learning.

The angels have been sending you intuitive messages about attending and giving workshops, seminars, and speeches.  They've now sent this oracle card to you so you'll know that you really are hearing your angels' messages about this topic.

If you've been dreaming about giving a workshop or a speech, the angels will guide you through the process.  Give any worries, thoughts, concerns, or questions to them; and then listen to their replies, which will come to you as ideas and feelings.  The angels will help lead you to the right venue, topic and audience members.  All you need do is follow their guidance.

You're also guided to attend workshops to further your spiritual path and education.  Enroll in classes that you feel drawn to, and ask Archangel Raphael to support everything in this endeavour - including intuition fees, transportation, lodging, time off from work, babysitting arrangements, and so forth.

The way is clear for you to give and receive through the workshop process.  Enjoy!

Action Steps:  Visualise yourself conducting a workshop for a group of appreciative individuals who are smiling receptively at you.  Feel yourself confidently receiving Divine information, which you impart to your audience members.  Continue with this visualisation by seeing and feeling additional positive details.  When you feel complete, say:  "Thank you, Universe, for my wonderful experiences giving workshops for people who receive blessings from the teachings that come through me."

The image used is from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.