Wednesday, 8 September 2010


This week's message comes from an Animal Spirit Guide, Salmon ~ Determination.

"You know where you are going and YOU WILL GET THERE."

Sometimes it seems easier to just give up in the face of adversity, especially when the struggles you face feel overwhelming and insurmountable.  Yet these trials and tribulations are all part of your spiritual path, and are necessary to make you stronger and more capable at dealing with life's unpredictability.  The ordeal you're faced with now is not necessarily a light one; and to succeed, it will take a clear intention, a commitment to purpose, and a willingness to stay with it until you've reached a calmer part of the river.

Even if you're not sure of your purpose or why you're faced with these challenges, follow your path in absolute faith, and the reasons will reveal themselves within the process of your journey.  Sometimes your actual goal isn't apparent, even when the direction you must go is.  You must trust that your direction is being inspired by the deepest sense of your innate knowing, align your intention with Spirit's intent, and let nothing stop you from moving ahead.

Additional Associations

♥ Purpose ♥ Sacrifice ♥ Regeneration ♥ Endurance

The image used is from the Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer.

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