Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shine Your Light

This week's Angel Message is channelled guidance from the Angels by me.

"Shine your light."

"The light within you is what keeps you alive. That light is your heart. A heart which shows love for all. When your heart is shone on what you seek, it can light the path to freedom. Freedom to be who you really are, not what you think you should be for others. When you live your lives as you are meant to, as your real selves, your lights - your hearts - shine brighter. Keep your light alive and shining by loving yourself first.

When things seem dark or misty, remember we love you and always will. We want you to shine your light on those dark days by remembering this. We love you because you are a beautiful soul. Keep following your path by being true to yourself and see how beautiful your light shines."

~ The Angels ♥

The image used for today is taken from a painting created especially for Charms Of Light by Elaine Clayton of

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


There's a saying that goes, "A haircut is as good as a holiday!" Ok, maybe the saying is, "A change is as good as a holiday!" Well, I had a haircut this morning and do feel great with the change! Not surprising then, the card chosen for my post this week!! :)

This week's Angel Message comes from the Fairies ~ "Holiday".

The answer you're looking for can be found during a vacation, retreat, or holiday getaway.

The fairies know the importance of play and rest; and they're urging you, through this card, to take some time off. This vacation performs an important role in your life by giving you an opportunity to clear your mind and think about your next move. You'll learn a great deal from this holiday, so it's worth the investment of time and money.

Additional Meanings

♥ A family get-together will result in a significant healing.
♥ Take a class held in an exotic location.
♥ Visit one of the earth's power places.
♥ Your prayer will be answered during the holiday season (such as Christmas, Hanukah, or Easter).
♥ Give any stress or worries about a holiday to Heaven and the fairies.
♥ Ask the fairies for help in arranging (and paying for) a vacation for yourself and your loved ones.
♥ Go on a retreat.

The image used is taken from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


This week's Angel message is from Archangel Sandalphon ~ "Victory!"

Archangel Sandalphon: "Your prayers have been heard and answered. Have faith."

"You deserve this time of victory. Your unwavering focus and dedication have resulted in blissful manifestation. Peace and pleasant feelings are yours right now. Let your focus be on this present moment, and savour each feeling and experience fully. Know that the future is taken care of in a positive way, as you allow yourself to enjoy the present moment. Feel good about who you are, and know that your success benefits others."

Working with Archangel Sandalphon: Sandalphon is one of two archangels who were mortal men, who lived such remarkable spiritual lives that they ascended into archangeldom (the other one is Metatron). Sandalphon can help your life be a masterpiece as well. Ask him to help you live in integrity, with your spiritual gifts of prophece, healing, and manifestation fully awakened. Sandalphon can help you speak your truth openly, in a way that benefits everyone. He'll also help you appreciate all the miracles and victories - of every size - in your life.

The image used is taken from the back of the Archangel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Honour and Trust Your Feelings

This week's Angel Message comes from Archangel Michael ~ "Honour and Trust Your Feelings".

Archangel Michael urges you to look inward and listen, for this card is a sign that your feelings are accurately tuned in to the truth. Some of these feelings may be uncomfortable to face, yet they're with you for an important reason. If you're conflicted, sit down with pen and paper and conduct an "interview" with your emotional self by asking: What are you feeling? Why? What would you like me to do? Your feelings will speak loudly and clearly if you keep an open mind and trust what you hear.

Respect your inner voice as the powerful life force that connects you to the Divine. Often God and the angels answer your prayers and offer you guidance through your physical and emotional feelings. If you say, "Oh, it's just a feeling," you're ignoring vital Divine assistance. This card reminds you to listen - really listen - to your feelings.

Possible specific meanings:
♥ It's time to admit that you're unhappy in a certain situation and to take appropriate corrective action.
♥ Someone's trying to talk you out of feeling a certain way - stick to what you know and feel as your barometer.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for supporting, guiding, and protecting me as I listen to and act upon my feelings. Help me understand and express my emotions with love.

The image used is taken from the back of the Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.