Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Honour and Trust Your Feelings

This week's Angel Message comes from Archangel Michael ~ "Honour and Trust Your Feelings".

Archangel Michael urges you to look inward and listen, for this card is a sign that your feelings are accurately tuned in to the truth. Some of these feelings may be uncomfortable to face, yet they're with you for an important reason. If you're conflicted, sit down with pen and paper and conduct an "interview" with your emotional self by asking: What are you feeling? Why? What would you like me to do? Your feelings will speak loudly and clearly if you keep an open mind and trust what you hear.

Respect your inner voice as the powerful life force that connects you to the Divine. Often God and the angels answer your prayers and offer you guidance through your physical and emotional feelings. If you say, "Oh, it's just a feeling," you're ignoring vital Divine assistance. This card reminds you to listen - really listen - to your feelings.

Possible specific meanings:
♥ It's time to admit that you're unhappy in a certain situation and to take appropriate corrective action.
♥ Someone's trying to talk you out of feeling a certain way - stick to what you know and feel as your barometer.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, for supporting, guiding, and protecting me as I listen to and act upon my feelings. Help me understand and express my emotions with love.

The image used is taken from the back of the Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.


  1. Hi, Caryl.
    I've been looking for Angel messages and saw you're comment on Sherry's blog. I recognized your username from Squidoo and Twitter so I came to see what you have only to find that it's exactly what I was looking for!!!
    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful blog. I'm subscribing so I don't miss a single post. :)
    Many Blessings,

  2. Hi Jacqueline,
    I'm very happy you found what you were looking for and honoured to have you with me!
    Blessings & Love,
    Caryl ♥

  3. these photos are beautifull Arch Angel Michael
    i got arch angel Micheal as my guardian Angel
    i can tell when he is around actually i seen him so its a comfort to know he really is there
    he really has got a good sense of humour as i know that to i learn as im going along

    but it lovely to see so many images
    as a christian i believe God is the leader
    and the Angels messengers!!!
    as they are
    always thank the Angels as give them recognition too it always nice to be appreciated.....

    God Bless and Angels Blessings

  4. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you for sharing that with me. Archangel Michael is my guardian angel too and yes, I agree, he does have a sense of humour! :)

    The Angels are beautiful messengers and guides. They help us in many ways and I am most grateful for them.

    Love & blessings,
    Caryl ♥

  5. Hi Caryl

    you gonna laugh at this
    i said to arch Angel Micheal
    Mikey Mikey Mikey
    do i have to call or yodel

    next thing i know a green van with bold lettering yodel on both sides parks up out side the house

    since then i seen the yodel vans

    I call them the A team or God squad

    and Michael
    i actually seen Angels so it allways good to talk to other believers
    im a christian/spiritual beliefs
    and i do sense when his around a white feather
    has fallen in my path

    im on daily chemotherapy now but my faith and sense of humour is still here

    Im proud to have him as my guardian Angel

  6. Hi Tracy,

    That is a lovely example of AA Michael's humour, not to mention an example of our questions being answered! :)

    It is wonderful to hear that you are having these loving experiences. Keep your faith and sense of humour... both are very healing!

    Much love,
    Caryl ♥

  7. Thanks Caryl the poems that i sent in
    i got copy rights to all if you want your very welcome to put them up
    they have helped many
    i write as a therapy hobby

    i feel God is talking to me when i write
    as i write the poetry

    Heaven Bound has proven a favorite
    people have told me their favorites
    someone told they had 5 favorites
    when i first started writing

    i would love to write a christian comedy
    my favorite film is Angels in the outfield
    and city of Angels

    I do like Michael the film
    but it not really the way the real Arch Angel Micheal carrys on

    anyway must dash
    lots of love
    member of God Squad!!xx

  8. Tracy, if you wish to write you must follow that wish. Follow your heart at all times.

    Much love,
    Caryl ♥

  9. Hi Caryl

    Thanks for your comments you would not believe
    this but i been knocked left right and centre
    about my christian poetry
    but now i hold my head high and walk tall
    i saw the yodel vans yesterday and again today

    must go got my umptenth blood test tomorrow i look like a colonder i had that many

    Member of God squad!!!

  10. Heaven Bound
    On the rocks,by the beach
    there stand look up to the sky
    seeing between the clouds,

    Imagine the gates of Heaven await & the Angels too,
    As the sunsets on the horizion, reflections onto the sea
    a cold snap back to reality,
    only to daydream on what Heaven could be.
    as the Breeze hits my face,as i say a prayer for God Grace,oh Heaven what a beautiful place.

    c by Tracy

    i got copyright to this poem

  11. Tracy, I love that you are keeping a sense of humour.

    I'm very much appreciative of you sharing your poems with me. Maybe you could publish them or at least put them into your own blog for others to read also.

    Much love,
    Caryl ♥

  12. Hi Caryl

    actually im going on a featured poets in the publishers i let you know when it done
    they putting my chrisitan poems on there to
    and they being published aswell i learnt that today

    also these are on website in America
    i just started writing in 2008

    i Had to laugh a joke came to my mind
    it must of been Mike (arch Angel Micheal who put it there

    why did the Angel go on the roof at the pub?
    cos the drinks are on the house!!

    i find myself thinking of things that make me to lighten the load..i seen more yodel vans and things relevent to what i been
    saying to Micheal the Arch Angel

    AA driving school on learner driver cars
    Arch Angels driving school!!

    anyway im glad i got in contact with you

  13. Hi Tracy,

    That's wonderful that your poems will be published. Congratulations, I'm very happy for you. :)

    I'm glad you contacted me too.

    Love & blessings,
    Caryl ♥

  14. Hi Caryl

    now you see what i mean by the yodel vans!!
    i think it amazing

    it like ot say the Angels esp Micheal the Arch Angel hear me and this is a sign it really tickled me even thought i felt honoured but at the same time..