Thursday, 22 September 2011

Nurture Yourself

Ascended Master, Mother Mary, says to "Nurture Yourself" in our Angel Card message this week.

You've given a lot of yourself lately, and now it's time to give something to yourself.  You've drawn this card because you need to nurture yourself.  This means taking good care of the body through sleep, detoxification, and exercise.  It also means taking care of your needs as you would for others.  To have more energy, abundance, peace, purpose, and everything that you desire, nurture yourself.

Additional Meanings:

♥ Balance giving to others with receiving for yourself.
♥ Honour your inner voice.
♥ Get some rest.
♥ Take care of your body.
♥ Nurture your inner child.
♥ Your life purpose involves helping children.
♥ Mother Mary is with you, helping and guiding you.

Mother Mary is the beloved mother of Jesus who is renowned for her purity and compassion.  Mary helps children (including your inner children) and caretakers of children.  You can ask Mother Mary for a Divine assignment to help children as your life's work.

The words used are taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

"New romance is imminent ..."

Our Angel message this week comes from Angel Chantall and it's all about romance.

"New romance is imminent - either with a newcomer, or through reignited passion in your existing relationship.  Be open to giving and receiving love."

Additional Message:  "You have been hungering for more romance and passion, and your prayer is answered.  I am a Romance Angel, and I am here to help you.  New love is on its way to you, and you can open the door to this romance by opening your heart.  The more that you welcome new love with open arms, the more romance will come your way.  This also means that you must express yourself romantically toward your partner.  Be candid about your feelings and intentions.  Be playful (like we angels are!).  And most of all, be openly loving with your partner as a way of encouraging the flow of romance to return to you.

I will give you guidance along the way, and it may involve actions that seem unrelated to romantic love.  Yet, you will know it is me who encourages you to join a gym, enroll in an evening class, or meet a new friend, for example.  My trademark characteristic is that I create a very strong feeling in your heart, and then I surround it with warmth, like I'm giving you a big hug.  The more that you follow my guidance, the faster the romance will be delivered to you."

The words used, are taken from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen VirtueThe image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Good-Bye to the Old, Hello to the New

This week, our Angel card message comes from the fairies.  It is ~ "Good-Bye to the Old, Hello to the New."

"You've finished one part of your life, and now a new and even better part is beginning."

This card indicates that a chapter in your life is closing; perhaps you've been feeling a sense of loss or anxiety about the future.  This card reassures you that your present situation is teaching you many valuable and important life lessons.  You're now taking that wisdom and beginning a journey with new people, work, and situations.  Be open to this change, as it brings many blessings for everyone involved.  Your future is taken care of.

Additional Meanings

You may be moving to a new home.
♥ A job promotion is upcoming.
♥ A relationship is ending.
♥ A transition is noticeable.
♥ Let go of unhealthful old patterns.
♥ Make time to work on healing your past hurts.

The words used are from the Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,

Friday, 2 September 2011

Detach From The Situation

Our Angel message this week is ~ "Detach From The Situation".
Archangel Michael has shown us this card before, but he feels it is important to many again.
"You've become embroiled in a situation to the point where you can't see it objectively.  This card indicates that it's time to step back and obtain a bigger view of the picture.  Archangel Michael asks you to detach from the surrounding emotions, and he'll help you do so.  Michael will also guide you in depersonalising the experience so you don't take offense at others' behaviour.  This will prevent you from reacting defensively - instead, your actions will stem from love and wisdom.

Give yourself permission to take a time-out, away from the people involved.  You don't need to know the solution right now, as the angels are taking care of the details.  What's important for you is to access a sense of inner peace - a feeling that will lead to new and helpful insights."

Possible specific meanings:
♥ Don't take on other people's arguments - let them work things out for themselves.
♥ Be compassionate without carrying someone else's burden.
♥ Ask Archangel Michael to clear your energy.
♥ It's time to leave an unhealthy situation or relationship.

Archangel Michael, I ask you to use your flaming sword to cut any attachment to fear or drama so that I may be centred in the knowingness that peace is everywhere within me and this situation.

The words used are from the Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,