Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Shine Your Light

This week's Angel Message is channelled guidance from the Angels by me.

"Shine your light."

"The light within you is what keeps you alive. That light is your heart. A heart which shows love for all. When your heart is shone on what you seek, it can light the path to freedom. Freedom to be who you really are, not what you think you should be for others. When you live your lives as you are meant to, as your real selves, your lights - your hearts - shine brighter. Keep your light alive and shining by loving yourself first.

When things seem dark or misty, remember we love you and always will. We want you to shine your light on those dark days by remembering this. We love you because you are a beautiful soul. Keep following your path by being true to yourself and see how beautiful your light shines."

~ The Angels ♥

The image used for today is taken from a painting created especially for Charms Of Light by Elaine Clayton of


  1. I like the phrase "We love you because you are a beautiful soul" It describes how true love can be identified not by face but by Soul.
    Love Messages

  2. Thank you for this post! So many are unaware of the light, the connection with heart; and oneness. Sharing love and laughter from the heart only enhances the power of light! Much love, light, laughter; and may you always continue to shine on...


  3. Thank you suzain ~ Soul love is true love! :) ♥

    Brenda, thank you! The Angels do keep trying to remind us of the heart connection, we just have to remain open to hear it and then believe it! :) ♥

    Much love,
    Caryl ♥