Friday, 11 December 2009

~♥~ Archangel Michael ~♥~

Today's Angel Message is ~ Archangel Michael

You're working very closely with this powerful archangel, who's protecting and guiding you through this situation.

You drew this card as validation of what you've already known or suspected: Archangel Michael is with you right now. Archangels are large and powerful nondenominational angels who watch over guardian angels and the earth's inhabitants. Michael (whose name means "He who is like God") is the angel who eradicates the effects of fear, provides protection for you and your loved ones, and lends his courage and backbone in the face of your taking intimidating action.

If you're considering making life changes, such as leaving a job or a relationship, ask Michael for guidance and help in moving forward fearlessly. Michael can also assist you in finding your life's purpose, and he can tell you what steps to take next on your spiritual and career paths.

Action Steps

To increase your courage and confidence, say with sincerity:

"Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please lend me your sword and shield of peace, and allow me to lean upon your strength and courage. Help me to know and feel that I am safe and protected emotionally, physically, financially, energetically, and spiritually. Thank you."

The image used for Archangel Michael is taken from the "Angel Therapy" Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Purchase your Angel Therapy Oracle cards from Amazon.

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