Wednesday, 24 February 2010

~♥~ Love ~♥~

My Angel messages usually come from oracle cards that I am guided to use for each message. However today, I was guided to be a channel for this week's Angel Message which comes from Archangels Michael and Uriel.

The message is ~ Love.

"Let the love in your heart shine brightly for all to see. It is there for sharing and caring for all who come into contact with you. We want to share this message of love. We want you to know that with love in your heart and soul, you are protected from anything that can possibly harm you. When love is used for protection, it shields you completely from all negative thoughts and influences of others. Love is the greatest weapon when used for the greatest good. Love yourself, love each other, love this earth and in return you will be loved."

The image used for today is taken from a painting created especially for Charms Of Light by Elaine Clayton of

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