Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Love Your Spirit

This week's reading is a lesson of the Soul ~ "Love Your Spirit".

Do you feel misunderstood in your relationship with another? Are you struggling too hard to understand someone?  Have you bent over backward to be loving but feel that there's no return flow, which leave you drained and resentful?  Welcome to the world of relationships, the soul's most challenging arena - and the greatest opportunity to grow.  Enter this school with an open heart, knowing that your Higher Self is forever present and loves you completely.

Your soul's purpose right now is to fully embrace and love your Divine Spirit with the same acceptance and appreciation that your Higher Self has for you.

You soul's lesson:  Practice self-love in all your relationships - the more you love your spirit, the better things will flow with others.  Ask yourself what you want from these people that you aren't getting.  What are you denying or rejecting in yourself that you want someone else to give you?  Most important right now is to ease up on self-judgement and make up your mind to adore your spirit completely, even with all your imperfections.  No one can improve upon self-love.  When you cherish yourself, you begin to feel and experience the affection and acceptance of others, but not before.

The image used is taken from the reverse side of the Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette.

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