Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Detach From The Situation

Archangel Michael brings our angel message for this week ~ "Detach From The Situation".

You've become embroiled in a situation to the point where you can't see it objectively.  This card indicates that it's time to step back and obtain a bigger view of the picture.  Archangel Michael asks you to detach from the surrounding emotions, and he'll help you do so.  Michael will also guide you in depersonalising the experience so you don't take offense at others' behaviour.  This will prevent you from reacting defensively - instead, your actions will stem from love and wisdom.

Give yourself permission to take a time-out, away from the people involved.  You don't need to know the solution right now, as the angels are taking care of the details.  What's important for you is to access a sense of inner peace - a feeling that will lead to new and helpful insights.

Possible specific meanings:
♥ Don't take on other people's arguments - let them work things out for themselves.
♥ Be compassionate without carrying someone else's burden.
♥ Ask Archangel Michael to clear your energy.
♥ It's time to leave an unhealthy situation or relationship.

Archangel Michael, I ask you to use your flaming sword to cut any attachment to fear or drama so that I may be centred in the knowingness that peace is everywhere within me and this situation.

The words used are from the Archangel Michael Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.  The image is my own photograph from the same deck.

With love,


  1. As Arch Angel Micheal my Guardian Angel
    i find this blog very useful indeed

    just reading it made me feel clearer
    it so apt to so spot on

    time out finding inner peace the Arch Angel Cards are so calming and soothing esp when need to be read at the right time

    when things become silent and time taken out
    things do come to place
    Micheal definatley working behind the scenes
    and just when i think things from his quaters are so silent along comes a sign

    esp when i said text call or yodel!!
    and the vans with yodel on them after i said that ...
    when i think of Arch Angel Micheal i pace myself with him at the beach clear beach and sea...
    it all Gods creation...

    love Tracy

  2. Hi Tracy,

    I think you have a very nice relationship with Archangel Michael!

    Take care. :)

    Much love,
    Caryl ♥

  3. Hi Caryl

    I really love you blog pages ...
    i went like Janice in Friends when the yodel vans started to come along after i said that

    oh my God ...literally cos i felt honoured it happened i was gobsmacked really

    I call him Mikey ....
    i think you odne a brilliant job with this website the fact i can write like i have done

    it great i can tell without judgement chucked in my path
    it Brilliant

    and Thanks

  4. Thank you Tracy,

    Love & blessings,
    Caryl ♥

  5. Hi Caryl

    I recalled going to a meeting in 2008
    and i was thinking about my guardian Angel
    in my mind i kept doubting the signs iwas getting about the name of my guardian Angel
    then i went into the meeting

    a fella called Micheal came and sat next to me
    I was taken a back by this i was amazed really

    love Tracy xx

  6. Hi Tracy,

    It just goes to show that you must never doubt those angelic signs! ;)

    Caryl ♥

  7. Just found your blog when I did a google on "Archangel Michael oracle card detach from the situation". A friend of mine drew that card for me (via the phone) when I was asking for Universal "feedback" on an idea I had. My friend (named Michael, btw) read the passage from the book before reading the prayer on the card. Neither of us felt much with the book's entry, but when he read the prayer off the card, we both took notice - that felt like it was giving confirmation to the idea I had come to me. Thanks for your blog!

    Colleen -

  8. Hi Colleen,

    It's a gentle, yet very powerful prayer. I'm glad it helped you.

    Caryl ♥