Wednesday, 2 June 2010


This week's Angel message comes from Thoth, who says, ~ "Write".

You drew this card as a concrete reminder to write. You've been receiving lots of signs and feelings to write lately, so let this card be the message that leads you to take action. Get out a pad of paper or your laptop computer and begin writing. Don't worry about punctuation, grammar, or spelling, as you can take care of those details later. For now, just express your thoughts and feelings as they flow into your mind and body.

Additional Meanings

♥ Keep a daily journal of your feelings and experiences.
♥ Write down your intentions, goals, and desires.
♥ Channel messages from your guides and angels.
♥ Your life's purpose involves writing.
♥ Write an article or book.

Thoth (usually pronounced Te-HO-tet) is the Egyptian god of writing, manifestation, astronomy, and esoteric arts. He's an aspect of Hermes, the teacher of the Hermetic principles of alchemy and Divine magic who had many incarnations. He's considered the originator of written languages, and was a prolific author and scribe of the ascended gods. Call upon Thoth for help with any writing project, or to gain a deeper understanding and proficiency with manifestation principles.

The image used is taken from the reverse of the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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